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The Story

PHX2LA is the story of Tommy Barnett, who, had never run more than 15 miles, decided to run from Phoenix to LA, approx. 437 miles, to raise money to save the LA Dream Center, an organization that helps rescue human trafficking victims, the homeless, and drug addicts recover from their trauma and get a new start in life and learn to dream again.

Tommy Barnett’s story has always amazed me, so in 2013 it became a dream of mine to make a feature length documentary about his run to LA. Some people know bits and pieces, but this is the full story, told by the people that were there and experienced it themselves.

2022 was the 25th anniversary of this legendary run, the perfect time to capture this amazing story from Tommy Barnett himself and his incredible family and share it with the world. It’s a story about pushing the body to its limits for a cause that is bigger than anyone can imagine.

Inspired by Tommy Barnett’s journey, I’ve decided to experience what his life on the road must have been like. Therefore, I am going to run from Phoenix to LA myself. I have carefully mapped out the run to follow the original route as close as possible. Join me as I tell Tommy Barnett’s story while I experience his journey for myself.


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Dennis L Herzog

Dennis L Herzog is a natural-born storyteller and utilizes various ways to speak into other people’s lives. You may find him behind the camera as a video director, in front of a camera as an actor, or behind a computer keyboard writing a book or a script to share some hard-earned wisdom from his heart. To live free and to free others from the chains that bind us is his life’s ambition.