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DAY 10 and 11…let’s catch up



TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 265.44 (38.86 miles short of schedule)



Hello everyone!  Well, Dennis is tired. I’m tired. Is anyone else tired?  The good news is that we are in the final stretches of this incredible journey that Dennis embarked on twelve days ago!  I can’t believe we are in day twelve already!  I haven’t talked to him yet today, but here’s what he had to say yesterday.

Day 10 they ended up changing locations so there was an extra long drive to the hotel and spotty cell service.  His son Tristan called him and he actually fell asleep on the phone while talking to him.  Anyone else ever been that tired?

Day 11 (yesterday) was a heavy elevation day. Besides the muscles kicking in that are used when you hike a mountain, he feels good.  He’s always good until around mile 18. Then it is the battle of mind.  He said the scenery is pretty; desolate but pretty.  He came across some strange road art in the middle of nowhere (pictures below).

The run is very different than Dennis was expecting. He underestimated the terrain for sure.  He didn’t realize how much energy the terrain would demand from his body.  He would finally reach the top of an exhausting climb only to realize it wasn’t the top.  Being a windy day didn’t add any additional fun to the intense amount of hiking he did today.

Dennis plans for last night were to ice bath his feet for as long as he could stand it and enjoy an epsom salt bath.

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  • Tracy Parker March 12, 20231:02 pm

    What an inspiration to all, Brother! Cheering you on to another day!

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