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DAY 13 = 26.1 MILES

TWO DAYS LEFT TO BE A PART OF THIS EPIC DOCUMENTARY!  To date we have received $7,777 of our $30,000 goal.  That leaves us -$22,223 short of goal and only two days left.  Thank you so much to our latest backer for your contribution!

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 315.86 (51.34 miles short of schedule)


Get a load of this!  Yesterday, day 13, Dennis gained 1,400+ feet of elevation!  That aside and the usual body aches, he still sounds incredibly good.  He is doing all he can for the muscle aches and sore feet, but it really isn’t something you can eliminate when you choose to put your body through something like this.

Dennis saw a lot of military vehicles today. Also during one stretch the road went from a 2-lane to a 4-lane which seems safer in some ways but more dangerous in others.  On a 4-lane road, cars seem to be more focused on passing the vehicles in front of them rather than the dude on the side of the road running toward Los Angeles.  I guess it isn’t something they see every day.

One fun story that Dennis ended with yesterday involved a man with a sort of bicycle cart.  They leap frogged a couple of times but evidently the bicycle cart guy thought that Dennis car was following him.  At one point he turned around and took a photo of the license plate.  When Dennis found out, the next time he passed the bicycle cart, he informed the man that the car was following him for safety.  “He’s with me.” The man responded, “Oh good.  I thought he was following me.”  LOL!

“What is that to you? You follow Me.” ~ Jesus Christ, John 21:22

Expositor’s Study Bible says of this verse, one of my favorite verses, “In effect, Jesus is proclaiming to Peter that it is none of his business as to what the Will of God is for John. The pronoun “you” is emphatic; the lesson we should learn from this is not the glory of any Church, but the Personal Glory of the Lord Jesus; we are to follow Him, which means we follow nothing else; that alone will keep us occupied to the extent that, if done properly, we will not try to attend to the business of others.

I am not sure why that verse popped into my head other than it is one of my favorite verses.  What would happen if we all followed Jesus as closely as He desired us to?  To hear His voice on a daily basis.  To follow His promptings instead of the promptings of those who we might otherwise be influenced by.

When I was laid off almost six weeks ago, I took a job on a kitchen line, just for something to do, making decent money, but it wasn’t what I was promised.  I was promised the bakery.  They sent me to tacos and burritos.  I wanted to make pastries. I ended up chopping brisket and rolling burritos.  I asked God, “This isn’t what I expected or at all what I wanted. So, what do you need me to do here, while I am here?” I followed that lead for four weeks.  God had a reason for putting me there, if only for four weeks.  Mission accomplished as far as I can tell.

With every one foot in front of the other, Dennis is accomplishing the leading he feels God drawing him to.  Strange, intense, and physically exhausting, but he has Peace in knowing it is what God asked him to do.

It may not be a run to Los Angeles, but you do have things that God wants to lead you in throughout your entire life if only you will TRUST the Holy Spirit.  I’m not even talking about the word, obedience, here.  It sounds too demanding and I don’t think God talks like that on this side of the Cross.  The word to focus on is TRUST in the Holy Spirit’s promptings. He has adventures for you.  There are some people in this world who need your smile. Who need your encouragement.  Who need the Jesus in you!  Don’t worry about sister super Christian and her four hour Bible studies in her prayer closet every day.  What’s that to you?  You follow Jesus!

How can you help be a part of this amazing documentary?

“I just want people to be excited about the project and if they want to join the team, here’s how…” ~ Dennis Herzog

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