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DAY 14 = 23.87 MILES

TWO DAYS LEFT TO BE A PART OF THIS EPIC DOCUMENTARY!  To date we have received $7,887 of our $30,000 goal.  That leaves us -$22,223 short of goal and only two days left.  Thank you so much to our 27 backers for believing in us and for helping us get this documentary completed.  We couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to celebrating with you at the premiere this August!

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 339.73 (54.77 miles short of schedule)


Hello all!  It is Day 14 of Dennis’ run from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California!  He called me around 8pm Texas time which is 6pm California time.  We talked for the first six minutes about a movie I was watching. I was right in the middle of a passionate rant when he said, “My son is calling me. I’ll call you back.”  Leaving me to finish ranting to myself.  LOL!

About an hour later he called back.

Stephanie: Was today better or worse than yesterday?

Dennis: Worse.

I guess there’s a saying amongst runners that goes something like, “my legs feel heavy.”  Dennis said he didn’t really understand what that meant until today.  He felt like he couldn’t get them to move fast enough.  They felt difficult to lift. They felt heavy. For one, it was a small space with which he had to run on a very busy road. That means he had to decide whether or not to take the risk of running in said small space and risking injury or hiking which would make him feel safer and more in control and able to prevent accidents or injuries.  Second, the elevation range was crazy!

“It was a trying day. Not much was safely runnable.” ~ Dennis Herzog

We ended our chat talking about a hawk that was not following, but leading Dennis for the first six to nine miles.  It would sit high on a powerline pole and as Dennis approached it, it would fly ahead to another powerline pole and sit until Dennis reached it and then, once again, fly ahead to another powerline pole and so on…for six to nine miles it did this!!

I immediately told Dennis that this meant something! Clearly this was an encouraging visual of God leading Dennis toward his goal. Let me be clear on one thing. I do not go looking for signs, prophetic messages or spiritual confirmations. I do not believe in searching for those things. I believe in following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Alone. If He chooses to produce a sign or confirmation, whatever that looks like, based on what He knows I need, He will bring that to me if and when He sees fit.  It wasn’t until I began writing this blog that I noticed more about this than I initially observed.

If the hawk was an encouraging visual of God leading Dennis toward his goal, why did it leave after so many miles?  On this side of eternity, we don’t have Jesus in the flesh, we have the Holy Spirit.  That requires Trust!  I don’t think there is a single human being on the planet who followed the Holy Spirit’s leading and didn’t ask themselves, at least once, am I doing the right thing. Is this really God? It is these little signs that help us along the way.  As if God is saying, yes, you heard Me. Keep going.  I got you!

I will say it again, this is not about obedience. Ephesians calls the Church (body) the Bride of Christ. A marriage is a partnership. We are partners with Christ.  He is leading and guiding you. He is not in Heaven tracking your good and bad behavior. He is your partner!  Rest in that Love for a minute.

The hawk sat on a powerline pole. A cable carrying electrical power, especially one supported by pylons or poles. A set of conductors used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. 

Over the last few days Dennis has mentioned a rough terrain, limited running space and insane elevation. He even mentioned in our phone call that he had to rethink the Day 15 road he was going to run. Before we hung up we prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide Dennis on which road to take.

Psalm 119:105 Your Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path. 

“The Word” is Jesus Christ Himself. On this side of the Cross, it is the Holy Spirit that will Light your path.

Proverbs 4:12 When you go, your steps shall not be straitened; and when you run, you shall not stumble.

Expositor’s Study Bible says of this verse, “should read, “When you walk” and “if you run.” To walk is obligatory; to run is optional. Wisdom secures both. When walking, the way opens – it is not “straitened”; if running, the feet are guarded from stumbling. 

Both Psalms and Proverbs were written under Law and before the Cross.  Yes, that matters. How much more do we have the Holy Spirit on this side of the Cross?  You can trust Him! As the hawk served to encourage Dennis in the middle of his journey, so will the Holy Spirit show up for YOU just when you need Him to.


How can you help be a part of this amazing documentary?

“I just want people to be excited about the project and if they want to join the team, here’s how…” ~ Dennis Herzog

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