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DAY 15 = 24.02 MILES

WE HAVE 28 HOURS LEFT to fully fund our Kickstarter project.  THANK YOU once again to all of our generous backers! Your belief in us and our project means more to us than you’ll ever know. If you’ve been thinking about donating but haven’t yet, it is a very easy couple of clicks on your phone and you’re done.  Go to www.PHX2LAmovie.com and click the donate button on the home page or in the dropdown, click on Kickstarter.  Thank you so much for your generosity.


TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 363.75 (62.35 miles short of schedule)



**ring ring**

Stephanie: Hey

Dennis: Do you want a title for the blog? Heavy winds, rain, and roads that don’t connect. There’s your title.

Stephanie: …so how’s it going?

LOL!  At least we can laugh about it.  It is always better to laugh in the face of obstacles than to become overwhelmed by them.  Between an Indian reservation and the city of Banning, there are no roads that connect. Dennis considered his options and decided the best one to take was a road that went up and over a mountain and then connected to a service road. When he got to the service road connection, it was gated off.  Access denied.

When one door closes…well, it wasn’t as simple as all that. After reevaluating the route and solving some math problems, Dennis was able to reroute himself without wasting any miles he had already ran…and then it began to rain.  Did I mention he is also near Palm Springs? The headwinds and tailwinds were incredibly intense combined with cold weather and rain.  Ironically, his legs felt great today.  It was the weather that created the problems.

The forecast for Day 16 is 55 degrees and rainy. Now, Day 16 is scheduled to be his last day which obviously isn’t going be the case.  Dennis isn’t trying to break any records and his schedule was only an estimate, a guideline of sorts for which to follow. You can’t plan for weather or roads that are suddenly shut down or how your body might react when pushing it beyond the normal limits.

With that said, the detours that he has had to take and the elements that have slowed him down, may or may not affect the total miles, but they will for sure delay his day of arrival in Los Angeles. He is taking it one day at a time, but is currently shooting for Saturday, 3/18/2023!

Thank you for your continued prayers for safety on the road for Dennis and his team. I pray, in Jesus Name, that these last few days bring some Divine encounters for Dennis.  I pray for Divine Purpose for this delay and that many lives are touched and changed as a result of Dennis’ choice to do something bigger than himself for a cause that has changed and continues to change so many lives for the better.  AMEN!



“I just want people to be excited about the project and if they want to join the team, here’s how…” ~ Dennis Herzog

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!! We have received +$9,497 in donations to help fund this documentary which means we are still short -$20,503.  Thank you for helping us get the word out! We love you all! ~ TEAM DENNIS

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