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DAY 17 = 23.75 MILES

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 411.90 (43.40 miles short of schedule)


DAY 17!  We have now reached a point where we are shaving off miles from the “short of schedule” and that is exciting to me!

Dennis and his team had a late start. Driving to the Dream Center to pick up camera equipment that had been mailed for them and picking up Dennis’ son Tristin from the airport made it an unusually late night for them.  It was a straight shot down Route 66. His left ankle and the top of his foot are pretty sore so he didn’t get as far as he wanted to.

“City running involves a lot of traffic lights. I don’t know how many lights I had approached just as they turned red.”

Dennis remembers Pastor Tommy talking about all the Baskin Robbins he passed when he made his run in 1997.  Pastor Tommy said he stopped at every single one.  Dennis has counted two Baskin Robbins so far.  He said every time he passed one he thought of Pastor Tommy.


Do you have any questions for Dennis about his run from Phoenix to Los Angeles? Put them in the comments here.  Please continue to pray for Dennis as he approaches the final couple of days of this exhausting and emotional journey. Leave a comment, shoot him a text, say a prayer. We appreciate you all!


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  • Diana Mills March 17, 202312:03 pm

    In reading the blog this morning, this verse came to me, so I share it with you now… Isaiah 52:7 says this… “How lovely on the mountains (and the highways, and the shoulders of the roads, and the rocky paths, and on the uphill climbs, and on the scenic ways, and on the challenges to keep going, and at the stoplights, and in the rain and wind, and in the sunshine) are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Be blessed today and in your final miles of this journey! I’m anxious to see the end result when the documentary is complete! Diana Mills.

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