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DAY 18 = 25.2 MILES

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 437.10 (18.2 miles left to go!) 

TOTAL STEP COUNT = 1,006,554

TODAY IS THE DAY!!  But before we discuss today, let’s talk about yesterday, Day 18.

“This has been the best day!” 

Dennis hasn’t sounded this good since before his run began. The weather was perfect. He had an early shoe change due to a blister.  Something about a simple shoe change can take the pressure off of a blistered heel. Dennis’ son Tristan is still with them so Dennis did some additional running for the camera as well. Shots for the documentary.

Do you remember the Baskin-Robbins story I told yesterday?

Dennis: Guess who had a Rocky Road ice cream cone at the 5th Baskin-Robbins I passed? That’s probably what changed everything. I started having fun!

Stephanie: Ice cream always makes everything better.

Dennis: I always thought it was bacon and cheddar.

Just a few short hours from now, the run that Dennis embarked on 19 days ago will be complete.   This was by far the biggest challenge, the most overwhelming part of this film that he needed to complete.  AND HE DID IT!

Whatever you do in this life, do not let the fear of the unknown prevent you from pursuing the dreams that are on your heart. Make no mistake, God is patient with us and He knows the end from the beginning, but YOU have to move your feet.  One step at a time, Dennis set out on a journey that he was unsure about. Weather he didn’t plan for, terrain he didn’t expect to encounter, and emotions that caught him off guard. But like Pastor Tommy, Dennis completed that dream; that goal. Not because he has some sort of special anointing or calling on his life, but because he chose move his feet and walk directly into the unknown. One blister at a time, one emotion at a time, one closed road at a time.  Through all of the detours, the pivots, the weather, there was the Holy Spirit, gently guiding, leading, and encouraging. He can and will do that for you and your dreams as well. All you have to do is talk to Him.

Speaking from experience, having the Holy Spirit guide you through your daily life is the most exciting ride you will ever be on.

I don’t know what’s holding you back. Heartbreak, insecurity, whatever it is, don’t let it hold you back anymore. ~ Aubrey Matthesius



Do you have any questions for Dennis about his run from Phoenix to Los Angeles? Put them in the comments here.  Please continue to pray for Dennis as he runs the last 18 miles of this exhausting and emotional journey. Leave a comment, shoot him a text, say a prayer. We appreciate you all!


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  • Diana Mills March 18, 20231:31 pm


  • Charles Campos March 18, 20235:17 pm

    Proud of you Dennis! What an amazing story and diligence, determination, faith. I’m privileged to know you brother!

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