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DAY 3 = 25.9 MILES

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 65.0 (5 miles short of goal)

Let me start off by saying that Dennis sounded significantly better tonight than he did last night.  He sounded very upbeat considering he ran into yet more obstacles today.

He had a late start today due to a rain delay. There was also some difficulty when he reached the 303.

“It doesn’t take that long by car, but on foot it can be very tricky in some places.”

The last five miles or so were going to be on a dirt road. Due to rain and the sun going down, Dennis and his team opted to stop for the day and continue tomorrow rather than risk possible injury. He plans on making up those miles over the next few days or so.

His body feels much better today than it did yesterday. He thinks the magic formula is somewhere in between a good recovery time and the compression pants he bought that are specific to joint recovery.

“It’s day 3. Today, it feels like it isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I can do this.”

Optimism: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

This reminded me of a study I am currently doing on the book of Colossians with the podcast, Our Resolute Hope. To quote a few sentences from them, “What we see can hinder what we cannot see.” “Hope is confidence in Jesus. In Who He is and what He has done independent of what we do.”  If you go back to the definition of the word “optimism,” I know Dennis well enough to say that his “hope and confidence” about the outcome of this run to Los Angeles and the making of the film, PHX2LA, is 100% rooted in Jesus Christ.  HOPE is not a feeling or a state of mind.  It is the person of Jesus Christ.

Do you want to hear something weird? I was googling movie quotes about optimism. That’s what you get when you get when you ask your movie nerd friend to manage your blog for you.  Lots of movie quotes!  I found a good one too!

“It can’t rain all the time…” ~ The Crow (1994)

Right?!…because of all the rain…anyways.  These blogs are not planned in advance. I have my phone call with Dennis, open up my laptop and, see what comes out. As I am writing, an Instagram notification appeared on my phone. It was my sister, Joanna. Inside was a clip from the Joe Rogan podcast.

“Seneca says,” I assume they are referring to Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a philosopher of Ancient Rome “we treat the body rigorously so that it will not be disobedient to the mind…it’s an assertion of who’s in charge.”

Now, I thought my quote from The Crow was cool, but THAT was a word for Dennis!

Dennis, we are rooting for you, we are proud of you, we believe in you!  You got this!

PHX2LA movie is 17% funded! We only have 13 days to reach our goal of $30,000. The Kickstarter link on the home page provides you with details about the different rewards that are connected with your donation as well as budget breakdown. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us make this documentary a reality. 

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  • Jordan Hurt March 3, 20235:41 am

    Keep going Dennis! I believe in you and I know you’re going to CRUSH THIS! Praying for you daily, friend.

  • Tracy Parker March 3, 20231:03 pm

    Another day -bam! Just like that you did it!! Keep it up Brother 😘

  • Kathleen Belville March 3, 20233:41 pm

    You are an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work/run. Prayers for everyone on this journey with you, as well as for you. 🙏🥰🙌

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