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DAY 6 = 25.5 MILES

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 139.22 (22.68 miles short of schedule)


Hello friends! Dennis called me tonight around 9pm Texas time, we talked for almost an hour, and laughed through most of it. Here is one of the reasons:

“It hit me today when we were driving back to the hotel. My step dad is driving the car, my mom is in the passenger seat, and I am in the back seat eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Shenanigans ensued from there and we couldn’t stop laughing.  At one point I said, “Dennis, you’re 53 years old! Stop crying and eat your sandwich!” LOL!

Good news! His foot feels even more better today so praise God for that.  He said his hip flexors get a little cranky in the afternoon but that’s normal. Dennis still says he feels great overall. He had a moment on the road that rattled him when a car that was driving in the same direction as Dennis (who is running against traffic) passed the car in front of it and went speeding past Dennis. Other than accidentally skipping an audio book in a series he is listening to, there were not many challenges today.

I asked him if God was saying anything to him. It isn’t a nosey question.  These are things we often talk about as friends and the only reason I am bringing it up is because I LOVED his answer.

“Not really. I’m just resting in doing what God put on my heart to do and honoring what Pastor Tommy did by sharing his story.” Dennis added that it doesn’t mean it works out perfectly or that there isn’t pain. It is knowing that no matter how it all works out, he did what God put on his heart to do.

There are too many Believers who are not resting IN God because they are too busy doing things FOR God. There is a difference. God put this dream on Dennis’ heart ten years ago. Most of that time, I would bet, was spent thinking about it. What would that look like? How would he do it? Could he do it? The hard planning is only a year old and I know that because I remember the phone call I got from him saying, it’s time.

When we spend our time “doing” things for God, we miss out on the relationship. God is not in heaven demanding your obedience. That doesn’t work in any healthy relationship. We follow His lead and do the things He places on our hearts to do simply because we love Him. And that is why Dennis is able to rest in Him.


From the Kickstarter page: “All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, March 16th, 2023 9:25am.” It’s so easy to pledge! I did it with a couple of clicks on my phone. To date, we have $5,221 pledged of $30,000. Thank you to our 17 backers! We only have 10 days left to raise the rest of the money. Help us spread the word!  We look forward to bringing PHX2LA to you in August of 2023.  

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