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DAY 9 = 25.47 MILES

TOTAL MILES COMBINED = 215.12 (31.98 miles short of schedule)


WE HAVE REACHED 20 BACKERS! Thank you so much for your donation!


The first 17 miles was on fairly new road, looks like it might have been no more than a year or two. It was very nice to run on. It had wider shoulders and the asphalt ran a good 18”-24” past the white line. My only issue was the first 12 miles were rolling elevation. Good road, tiring conditions.

The last 8 miles or so, the road was awful. No asphalt shoulder. The dirt shoulder had a steeper slope, which hurt my legs too much to run on, so I was dodging semi trucks & campers as I ran on the white line edge.

Most drivers were accommodating, some were dangerously rude. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring.

~ Dennis Herzog

Dennis made it to California.  He is not only back to an “I can do this attitude, he now sees it as a reality. It is actually going to happen.  He is going to be able to complete the run!

A very special thank you to Gary Blair for giving Dennis a call the last two days. Gary was Pastor Tommy’s road-man when he can from Phoenix to Los Angeles and he knows what day 8 and 9 are like. His encouragement to Dennis was much appreciated by Dennis and his team. Thank you Gary Blair.  You are a blessing.

Dennis began ice bathing his feet yesterday.  I told him to take a full ice bath, he told me under no circumstances will he be taking any ice baths.  Team member Missy suggested he just ice bath his feet, which he agreed to do and it is apparently helping.  Thank you Missy!

“I just want people to be excited about the project and if they want to join the team, here’s how…” ~ Dennis Herzog

Click on “Donate” on the home page of the website and that will take you to the Kickstarter page. To date, we have $6,791 pledged of $30,000. Thank you to our 20 backers! We only have 6 days left to raise the rest of the money. Help us spread the word!  We look forward to bringing PHX2LA to you in August of 2023.  

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  • Charles Campos March 11, 20234:04 pm

    What an amazing journey. Been reading all along and waking on the next blog each day!

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