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Good afternoon everybody,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Mills. I am 44 years old and currently live in Bastrop, Texas. I am a writer and will be the voice for Dennis Herzog on his epic recreation of Pastor Tommy Barnett’s 1997, 455 mile run from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California.

I have known Dennis for ten years and this is the second documentary film that I have had the pleasure of working on with him. This documentary in particular is special to me because we have been discussing it for the last seven years and the time has finally come!

Dennis and I have a scheduled phone call at the end of each days completed run. I will then report back to you his progress and what we discussed about each days run.

How can you help?

  1. PRAYER! Dennis needs your prayers more than anything. Safety for him as he runs and safety for the team that is following him.
  2. If you would like to be a part of this documentary financially, click the link below to donate.  When you click “Back This Project” you’ll be given the option to pledge without a reward, or select from one of nine reward based donations ranging from having your name listed in the Thank You section of the PHX2LA movie website and/or movie credits to an official IMDB credit as an Executive Producer.  Thank you to ALL who have generously donated to this project that is so near and dear to Dennis’ heart.

There may be a time where I ask for some questions or comments from the blog followers. Maybe you have an encouraging word for Dennis or a question you’d like to ask him.  Keep that in mind over the next sixteen days as we all take this journey together, virtually, with Dennis, from all over this great country.

“Run, friend! Run!” ~ The Jungle Book (1967)


Comments: 2

  • Debi Profeta February 28, 202312:02 am

    Praying and praying! So excited to see my little brothers dream coming true!! ❤️ 🙏
    Thankful that you’re helping him as well! I know your friendship is dear to him!

  • Kathleen Belville February 28, 20239:16 pm

    Looking forward to seeing everyone ‘s progress. Prayers are coming for all involved in this project. 🙏

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